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"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow." The experience gained over the years has emboldened our group to make forays into many Governments, Institutions, Builders, Consultants & Architects, Airports, Railways, Defense, CPWD, PWD, Power Plants, Factories, Offices and General Markets.


1. Our mission is to serve the entire nation, thru it's wide network all over India.

2. Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable products for customer delight.

3. Customer satisfaction is our inspiration for work and motto.


1. Set up manufacturing facilities to increase the market share.

2 . To become pioneer in India in items i.e. PVC Rigid Conduit Pipes, PVC Casing-Capping and Wires & Cables.

3 . To make presence all over India and world.

4 . To educate all the customers to buy good quality materials only. (Buy the goods for which they are paying).


1. We present strong logistical infrastructure to meet the customer needs and delivery in time for customer requirements.

2 . We taking services of highly qualified, dedicated, experienced and hard working Sales and Testing team.

3 . We provides superior products and quality service to the electrical, construction industry.