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PVC Casing-Capping

IS:14927 (Part 2 : 2001)

Sizes Available

Single Locking Systems : 20/25 25/32 30/15 38/19
Double Locking Systems : 20 X 12 25 X 16 30 X 15 38 X 20

A new revolution in the field of Electrical Fittings

Salient Features


As the product lasts life long.


As the essential pvc used are prone to extra durability.


Due to exclusive extrusion process on computer aided machines.


Wide range to take care of all sizes and requirements for all electrical cables with a smile “So why not to opt for it?

Easy Installation

Best part easy to install or dismantle and addition of extra wires take only 1/10th the installation time in comparision to normal fittings. Compatible with whitewash, distemper branded paints.

Termite Proof

Unlike wooden battens free from termite.

Moisture Proof

Total damp proofness make free from electric shocks.

Fire Retardant

Added safely because of fire retardant & self extinguishing nature.


Wide applicability of product in houses, railway stations & airports etc. sided for every place safely, conveniently & economically.